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(and Kat)

Unofficial Mascots.
Officially Adorable!

In Loving Memory of Henry & Rat Dog


Our beloved Henry died on January 15th, 2019 during complications from surgery. In a tragic coincidence, Tootsie (Rat Dog) died from stroke on Sunday, February 3rd.

These small companions have

left a giant hole in our hearts,

and the grief (and comfort for

it) has been experienced and

shared by thousands all over

the world.


In Henry's memory (because he

was rescued by HST), and thanks

to your generosity, over $34,000

was raised to fund a rescue

transport  van in his name for

the Humane Society of Tulsa.

Thousands of animals will be saved, and a legacy of rescue and goodness will go on.


For the love and support you've shown Natalie and me, thank you!






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